Gunsmithing Services

Looking For A Quality Gunsmith?

We will professionally clean your barrel, receiver, bore, and chamber. All dirt, lint, gunpowder residue, etc will be removed. The proper lubrication for your firearm will be applied. We will check your sites and make sure all screws are tight, and the gun will function.

Detail Gun Cleaning

Everything included in the basic gun cleaning plus we will completely disassemble your firearm; we will check the internals for damage and excessive wear.

Scope Mount and Bore Sight

Clean receiver and scope base. Loctite screws and torque to required specs. Lap and polish scope rings, bore site.


Custom patterns and color schemes.

Trigger Jobs

Custom trigger work on just about any firearm.


Feed ramp, slide rails, actions, etc. Many factory parts can be polished to insure a smooth, trouble free use.

Weapons Customization

We can add or remove accessories for your firearm.